Help to protect the skin's natural defences against the environment while controlling moisture loss from the skin.

Dermalogica Moisturizers work on two levels, regulating skin's water balance while managing your most pressing skin concerns for better-looking skin daily.

Moisturizers are greatly misunderstood, as they do much more than just moisten dehydrated skin! Emollients help keep skin soft and smooth, can help regulate excessive oiliness or dryness, and even help protect against environmental assaults that trigger sensitivity, premature ageing and skin damage.

Those with oily or breakout-prone skin conditions are often resistant to use moisturisers out of concern they will increase surface oils and shine. However, surface oils are different than water content in skin, and oily skin can experience dehydration. Dehydration is a lack of water, not oil, in the skin. Meaning moisturisers are a must for every skin condition.

While regulating moisture loss, Dermalogica Moisturizers take the care of your skin one step further. If you struggle with excess oiliness, we have a moisturizer that contains "microsponges" that absorb excess surface oils for an all-day matte finish. Skin so sensitive it can't even tolerate water? We have an anhydrous (waterless) moisturiser that glides over skin and acts as a protective environmental shield.

No matter your condition, there's a Dermalogica Moisturiser ready to improve your skin's health.

  • sound sleep cocoon
    skin health

    sound sleep cocoon

    transformative night gel-cream

  • pure light spf50
    PowerBright TRx

    pure light spf50

    advanced Broad Spectrum moisturiser

  • pure night
    PowerBright TRx

    pure night

    nourishing overnight treatment cream

  • skin smoothing cream
    skin health

    skin smoothing cream

    now with 48 hours of continuous hydration

    Starting at: $30.00

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