Recently we took part in the Green Living Show at ASB Showgrounds in Auckland. In its fourth year, this consumer and trade expo showcases a variety of products and services that are focused on organic living and sustainability, and helping to create healthier humans and a healthier planet.

There were a large variety of exhibitors at the show and some of the cool brands we saw were Life Factory(eco glass bottles and carry bags), doTERRA aromatherapy oils, Huron Juicer, and Hungry Bins to name a few. There were also some very interesting building and home products with a focus on sustainable living.

This year was the first time we had taken part in the show with our certified organic makeup – NVEY ECO. Consumers were given the opportunity to receive a make over and colour match from one of our NVEY ECO makeup artists. There was a steady stream of women at our booth all day and a lot of interest in organic cosmetics.

We had the fabulous Emma Peters, owner of Ultimate Beauty Wisdom and freelance makeup artists working with us on the stand, as well as the very talented Alison Harris, and yours truly applying lippy to a plethora of women with very real concerns about the toxic ingredients that they may be ingesting from the ingredients used in most lip colour on the market today.

NVEY ECO is the only certified organic makeup range in the world to carry both the NATRUE and NSF certification, and these savvy customers were appreciative of the credibility behind the brand. Consumers today are so well informed and are wary of the ‘green washing’ that often goes on in the cosmetic industry. Terms like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ and even ‘mineral’ are so overused and often times very misleading.

The show was a fun experience and it was great to be able to introduce many new consumers to the brand. Of course the most common question we were being asked was “where can we buy it?” If you are interested in joining the green revolution, and adding NVEY ECO certified organic makeup to your business, then please get in touch with us here